The Medical Messenger / Articles

The Medical Messenger / Articles

On this page, we are collecting the Articles submitted to the Medical Messenger. With this, we aim to present an accessible and quick-to-publish platform for materials relevant to the military-medical field. Contact us, if you would like to submit an article for publication!

Click on the links to open the PDF files or links for currently available articles:

MAJ Dr. Jacopo Frassini, MD; COL Dr. Petr Král, MD - Aeromedical Evacuation in NATO (external link to article)

MAJ Ágnes Györffy ; Judit Bolgár - The characteristics of women soldiers’ profession socialization, integration, adaptation and their emphasized fields of manifestation in the different types of corps.

Antoine Lamblin; Clément Derkenne; Marion Trousselard; Marie-Ange Einaudi - UMR 7268Ethical challenges faced by French military doctors deployed in the Sahel (Operation Barkhane): a qualitative study.

Mahdi Al-Jeabory; Lukasz Szarpak; Attila Kecskés; Michael Simpson; Adam Smereka; Aleksandra Gasecka; Wojciech Wieczorek; Michal Pruc; Maciej Koselak; Wladyslaw Gawel; Igor Checinski; Milosz J. Jaguszewski and Krzysztof J. Filipiak - Efficacy and Safety of Tranexamic Acid in Emergency Trauma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Maj Dr. Jacopo Frassini, MD; Col Dr. Petr Král; LtC Dr. Zoltán Tóth - Medical support in Space Commands, the next frontier (external link to abstract)

Cpt Jacopo Frassini, MD - Highlights from AMSUS 2019
Cpt Jacopo Frassini, MD - VIMIMED 2020, a European model
LtC Dr. Daniel Aron - COVID STRATEGY - Systematic concentric circle testing methodology
Cpt Jacopo Frassini, MD - Continuous improvement in healthcare support on NATO operations (external link to abstract)
Maj Jacopo Frassini, MD; LtC Zoltán Tóth, MD; Col Petr Král, MD - Flight Surgeons, Aerospace Medicine And NATO Aeromedical Doctrine: Where Is The Alliance For Flight Safety? (external link to abstract / article)
BG. Dr. Dirk-Friedrich Klagges, MD - NATO's Medical Support in the Current Security Environment
Tomáš Vašek; Jaroslav Žďáraí, Petr Král; Milan Růžička; Michal Potáč; Petr Smola; John Quinn: Evidence based medicine: lessons learned from the NATO Military Medical Center of Excellence (external link to article)

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