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On 28-29 March 2017 the Director of MILMED COE visited NATO HQ SACT in Norfolk in order to take over the responsibility of the chairmanship of the NATO COE Directors’ Conference from his Lithuanian fellow, Colonel Gintaras Bagdonas, Director of the Energy Security Centre of Excellence (ENSEC COE) in Vilnius.

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On 28 March Colonel Fazekas met the Deputy Allied Commander Transformation (DSACT), Admiral Manfred Nielson (DEU) and the FOGO Champion of the MILMED COE, Commodore Arne Morten Grønningsæter (NOR) and with the Representatives of the Transformation Network Branch of ACT.

On 29 March the director had talks with the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), General Denis Mercier (FRA) and the Deputy Chief of Staff Capability Development, Lieutenant General Jeffrey G. Lofgren (USA).

The meetings were fruitful. As an outcome, the date and location of the next COE Directors’ Conference have been designated. This high-level conference will be held on 25-28 September 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.


During the office call with SACT, General Mercier emphasized that COEs are valuable resources for NATO’s transformation and stand as recognized sources of knowledge and expertise. COEs' value to NATO is an important aspect, especially their contributions to capability development by providing knowledge and expertise on a number of subject areas. Among others, SACT's priorities and major focus areas, coordination and joint activities between COEs and other NATO and non-NATO bodies were discussed.


The Hungarian National Liaison Officer, Colonel István Juhász provided valuable support to MILMED COE Director during the visit to HQ SACT. Colonel Juhász accompanied Colonel Fazekas to the meeting with DSACT, Admiral Nielsen.

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