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The Director of the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine (MILMED COE), COL Dr. László Fazekas, accompanied by LTC Dr. Daniel-Gheorghe ARON (ROU) from MILMED COE Interoperability Branch, recently visited Romania where they were received by General Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, Chief of General Staff of the Romanian Armed Forces and Colonel Dr. Ionel Oprea, Surgeon General of the Romanian Armed Forces.

The meetings were fruitful since several areas of future cooperation were designated between MILMED COE and the Romanian Military Medical System emphasizing the importance of medical support in the Romanian Armed Forces. Furthermore, both parties agreed on supporting each other's efforts in the field of military medical development.

Moreover, Colonel Fazekas signed a Letter of Intent for cooperation with Strategikon which is "a Bucharest based think tank whose aim is to put together a team of top experts to contribute to the global ideas market in the fields of International Security, European Union affairs, as well as Good Governance". Mr. Corneliu Vişoianu, Vicepresident of Strategikon also attended the signature ceremony. MILMED COE and Strategikon established partnership for the development of MILMED COE's Exercise, the Vigorous Warrior series starting with the 2017 iteration, which will be held in Lehnin training area (Germany) in September 2017.

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