Military Medical Support in Humanitarian Arena (MMSHA) Course

Course organized in cooperation with the Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr, Hamburg


The course is designed to improve and professionalize the cooperation between the military and non-military command personnel in the arena of humanitarian assistance (HA), with special emphasis on medical issues. It is to give different command personnel involved a more profound understanding of the players’ framework conditions, capabilities and approaches so as to be able to organize HA in a more effective way.

Target Audience:

Students are field grade officers (OF-3 – OF5), preferably medical corps of all speciality areas; reserve field officers and comparable civilian personnel from the area of responsibility of the Ministry of Defence and other Ministries, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations.


• Language proficiency: English according to STANAG 6001 (listening/speaking/reading/writing)

• Computer skills: N/A

• Other pre-requisites: N/A

• Pre-reading material: N/A

Instructional Components:

• Day 1: Introduction, Military and Civil Actors in Complex Emergencies and Disaster Relief, Principles of Humanitarian Assistance – Introduction, Principles of Humanitarian Assistance – Syndicate Work, Study Trip: Finding Your Way in the Humanitarian Arena

• Day 2: NATO CIMIC, United Nations Policy and Doctrine, ICRC and Code of Conduct, NGO Principles and Procedures, Standards in Disaster Response

• Day 3: Medical Contribution to the Operational Planning Process, Decision Making in Complex Emergencies and Disaster Relief, Experiences from an HQ, In-Brief Table Top Exercise Scenario, Pre-Table Top Exercise

• Day 4: In-Brief Table Top Exercise, Table Top Exercise

• Day 5: Table Top Exercise, Key Note Speech, Hot Wash Up, Closing Remarks

Learning Objectives:

• LO 1: to be familiar with the structure and organization of relevant players and fundamental humanitarian principles

• LO 2: to understand existing civilian concepts and approaches in the field of humanitarian assistance

• LO 3: to understand military concepts and procedures of civil military cooperation. They are able to apply them in the context of civil military interaction.


For registration please contact General Armed Forces Command and Staff College at New! or in case of any further assistance please do not hesitate to call +49 40 / 86 67 – 69 10 New!

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Date: please check the course calendar


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