NATO Medical Evaluation (MEDEVAL) Course (COE-MED-M4-003)


To ensure validity, credibility and consistency in application of the NATO MEM tool during the evaluation process.

Target Population:

Appropriately qualified staff from NATO Command/Force Structure, Lead Nation (LN) and Troop Contributing Nations (TCNs) primarily involved in evaluation and certification of MMU assigned to a NATO Command. In addition anyone involved in military medical education, training and evaluation.


• Language proficiency: English according to STANAG 6001 (listening/speaking/reading/writing)

• Computer skills: Students should be familiar with MS Office.

• Other pre-requisites: Medical background

• Pre-reading material: AMedP 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8

Instructional Components:

• Day 1: NATO command and force structure; Medical support to current/future NATO operations; Medical related doctrine hierarchy and development process; NATO evaluation policy; Capability based modular approach of multinational medical support; Introduction to Medical Evaluation Manual; Definitions; Evaluation levels, Evaluation Outcome; Application of the Tool, Evaluation process; Evaluation Team and Reporting; Skill set an Capability Matrix; Syndicate Task Introduction, Syndicate Task I

• Day 2: Syndicate Task I: Focus FIR, FER, presentations and discussion; Syndicate Task II: Focus FIR, FER, presentations and discussion;

• Day 3: Syndicate Task III: Focus FIR, FER, presentations and discussion; Syndicate Task IV: LIVEX briefing

• Day 4: LIVEX, MMU Evaluation; Syndicate Task IV a: FIR preparation, briefing, discussion

• Day5: Syndicate Task IV b: FER preparation, FER presentations and discussion; Test

Learning Objectives:

• LO 1 be familiar with capability based modular approach of multinational medical support to NATO operations

• LO 2 have knowledge of medical evaluation process within the framework of validation and certification

• LO 3 be able to evaluate medical modules as an evaluation team leader/member

NATO Standards and Doctrines:

MC 326/2 NATO Principles and Policies of Operational Medical Support AAP-6 NATO Glossary of Terms and Definitions AJP 4.10(A) Allied Joint Medical Support Doctrine AMedP-13 NATO Glossary of Medical Terms and Definitions AMedP-27 Medical Evaluation Manual MC-551 Medical Support Concept for NATO Response Force Operations MC-0458/2 (mentioned in POI III EO 1.4) AFS volumes I-XI (mentioned in POI III EO 1.4)


Date: please check the course calendar

For registration please contact NATO MILMED COE Training Branch Course Admin at or in case of any further assistance please do not hesitate to call +36 883 0132.

MILMED COE courses are also available via the NATO ePRIME system; students from NATO partner nations can get reimbursed up to 100%.

Download altMEDEVAL Course schedule


Download the NATO Medical Evaluation Manual (MEM):

Medical Evaluation Manual - AMedP 1.6

 Medical Evaluation Manual - AMedP 1.7

Medical Evaluation Manual - AMedP 1.8



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