Young visitors at MILMED COE

Four representatives of the Fasori International Circle - an initiative by alumnis of the famous Budapest-based Fasori High School, where most of the Hungarian Nobel prize winners started their "career" - and the International Diplomatic Student Association of the Corvinus University paid a visit to MILMED COE on 13 August 2014 in order to get familiar with our activities and mission.

These young talents - with a special interest in diplomacy and international affairs - wanted to learn more about NATO and our organization as they are currently preparing for their model UN debate, taking place next week in Istanbul. Model UN debate is an educational simulation and academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.

We wish them a successful competition and hope to meet more members of this motivated new generation in the near future!


FHP NATO Conference 2014 presentations and CME credits available!


The FHP NATO Conference 2014 presentations are available on our website under Library >> FHP NATO Conf 2014.

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War and Medicine - 100th anniversary of WWI

Was World War I good for medicine? (NATO Review)

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